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Fifth Annual Ghost Tour of Newfoundland Schools

Yikes! It’s the spookiest month of the year and I’m heading out to Newfoundland schools with The Hungry Ghosts of China, the Irish Banshees, the Jamaican Duppies and many other spine-tingling international ghosts.

This year I’ve added some local ghosts from The Ghosts of Baccalieu (, the book I made with Tricon Elementary last spring. I’ll be telling children stories about the Old Hollies, Jacky-lanterns, ghost ships and even a spectral Newfoundland dog. 

I’ll be in the Clarenville/Bonavista area October 21 to 24 and St. John’s from October 28 to 31.

On Sunday, October 27 I’m giving a special ghost presentation at The Rooms for children ages 5 to 11. It begins at 1:30 p.m. Come and meet the Scottish Silky ghost and explore the world of things that go bump in the night!

There’s still time to book me into your school. Send me an email at



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The charming students in Arnold’s Cove

Sunrise over Conception Bay

Yesterday I packed up my ghost costume, my books and a lunch for the two-hour drive to Arnold’s Cove and Tricentia Academy. My first ghost presentation of the year! I drove along to the Isthmus, that stretch of land between the Avalon Peninsula and the rest of Newfoundland. A friend told me it is often wreathed in fog, just like the misty portal to the mythical Avalon.

Sure enough, there was fog as my car climbed up and down the hills. I drove in and out of it, and soon reached Arnold’s Cove.  Seventy-five students from grades 3 to 6 were waiting for me.

The Silky ghost was especially happy to get back to dusting children’s and entertaining them with her tales. She told of a little girl named Sally who lived in … Whitbourne, just down the road. Sally was a dreadfully messy child who never cleaned up after herself and whose mother was always nagging her to clean her room. When Sally finally did clean it up, the Silky came overnight and messed it up again, just for fun.  This is a popular story wherever I go, and the students at Tricentia were no exception.  I always try to make it local, but this time maybe I went too far?

“Sally who?” they called out. “What’s her last name?” I tried to explain that I would get in big trouble by revealing her identity, but they weren’t having it. “Tell me her father’s name,” said a boy as I left. “I’m sure I know her.” I didn’t tell him but I’m a little worried now.

If there is a little girl named Sally in Whitbourne, she may soon get a reputation she may not deserve.

Thank you to the students and teachers at Tricentia, for entertaining me in turn and making me so welcome.

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Newfoundland Ghost Tour: Year Three

There’s a crispness to the wind these days and the meadow grasses are starting to turn orangey-red. And out by the ocean path, where the broken old gravestones stand high above the rocky shore, strange shadows flit from stone to stone. I’m sure I heard footsteps behind me on the boardwalk this morning, but when I turned ‒ there was no one there.

Yes, it’s that spooky time of year again when phantoms are prone to wander, looking for unwary souls or ‒ looking for candy? You might hear an Irish Banshee wailing in the night, or (heaven forbid) hear the knock of the skeletal French Ankou at your door. Or you might see an Indian Brahmadaitya up a tree, or pass by an abandoned house where a Navaho Chindi is trapped forever.

The world is full of ghosts, and I’m happy to be bringing some of them to schoolchildren in Newfoundland during my Third Annual Ghost Tour, October 11‒21. I’ll be presenting ghosts and stories from my book, A World Full of Ghosts, illustrated by Marc Mongeau. The Scottish Silky ghost will be dusting books and children and telling spooky tales from every corner of the world. I’ll play a little Ghost Ball with the students using a haunted globe, and finish it off with two very true and very scary Newfoundland ghost stories.

Turns out that everybody all around the world loves a good ghost story. I’m booking now, so send me an email and I’ll come to your school, just in time for Halloween!

Charis Cotter’s Third Annual Newfoundland Ghost Tour: October 11‒21, 2011

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