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The Queen Makes a Winter Tour of Ontario Schools

The Queen in her coach, setting off for her Winter tour of Ontario Schools

After a rather trying Christmas, our dear Queen, Elizabeth II, will be making a bracing winter tour of Ontario with her favourite children’s author, Charis Cotter. There is nothing Her Royal Highness likes better than teaching little Canadians to bow and curtsey as she introduces Charis and her book, Kids Who Rule: The Remarkable Lives of Five Child Monarchs.

HRH has entertained children with Charis from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and finds it all a very refreshing change from her duties at Buckingham Palace.

Charis is also looking forward to visiting Ontario schools and engaging students from Grade 3 to 5 in the boisterous trivia game, RULE YOUR SCHOOL, as she quizzes them about the five child rulers in her book. This exhilarating game gets the kids on their feet as they vie for the enviable position of first place, when all the other students have to bow and curtsey to them.

Everyone has fun and the students leave knowing a lot more about Ancient Egypt, Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries,  and Tibet and China in the 20th century, all seen through the eyes of the young monarchs.

The Queen sincerely hopes you will choose to brighten up the winter at your school with a royal visit in January, February or March.

For more information, contact Charis at: Or go to her website:


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