The Uncanny Students at Holy Trinity Elementary, Torbay

October 23, 2011 at 11:45 am Leave a comment

Why uncanny? Because they were exceptionally well behaved, attentive and quiet while I was doing my presentations. So good it was almost ‒ well – unreal! Were they enchanted? I don’t know, but it was a pleasure to entertain four classes of Grade Threes last Friday.

Holy Trinity is one of my favourite schools to go to. They have asked me back every single time I do a tour in Newfoundland, and they always make me welcome. I was at the old school twice, and they told me it was haunted. The new school doesn’t seem to harbour any ghosts, but all those good children did seem a bit supernatural to me. The library is big and full of interesting books and cosy places to sit and read them. I noticed some inspiring quotes on the walls and strangely, a few black crows and a vulture perched on the bookcases.

I usually find that Grade Threes are the perfect age for my presentation, but with these children I caught myself wondering a couple of times if my stories were too scary. They gazed at me with their wide eyes, hanging on every word. One boy sat with his hands over his ears and a look of horror on his face, but I noticed he kept dropping his hands so he didn’t miss anything.

I heard that traffic was bad, because of construction, between Torbay and St. John’s, so I got there 45 minutes early, down almost empty roads. I stopped at a vegetable truck in the rain and filled my arms with huge carrots, parsnips, turnips and homemade raisin bread.

A good day. A fun day. But I still keep wondering, Why were they so good?

Thank you, Holy Trinity, and Happy Halloween to all.

Western Bay, Newfoundland, October 2011


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