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Is the Silky Ghost from Edinburgh?

On Saturday morning the Silky stood in for me at Chapters on Kenmount Road in St. John’s, and told spooky international ghost stories to children for a couple of hours.

Everyone had fun! Two groups of children sat for 45 minutes each, picking countries on the Ghost Ball for ghost stories, and the Silky cooperated with tales from Jamaica, China, Finland, Africa and many more. All the books sold out!

One little girl’s family came from Scotland, which made the Silky just a tad nervous. She can be a bit embarrassed about her over-the-top Scots accent. But as the father thanked her and said goodbye, he asked if she was from Edinburgh.

“No!” said the Silky.

“Where are you from then?” he asked.

The Silky laughed again and dropped her voice to a whisper. “It’s a fake accent,” she confided. “It’s not real.”

He shook his head. I don’t think he wanted to believe it. “I could have sworn you were from Edinburgh.”

That got me thinking. Maybe she is from Edinburgh.


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Grade 3s Rock and Rule!

There’s something to be said for finding the exact right age for a school presentation and a book. With A World Full of Ghosts, it’s always been Grade 3 for me! They’re at that magical age of 8, old enough to listen but young enough to see ghosts everywhere.

At Holy Trinity school in Torbay last week, I was treated to a room full of Grade 3s and the presentation just sailed along. I love that when it happens: the kids are with me every step of the way. At the end, when we turn out the lights and I warn them to sit closer to their friends, the room ripples with anticipation and then I tell the them the story that was too frightening to put into the book: The Old Hag, the ghost from Newfoundland.

I met more enthusiastic students in Paradise last week, at Holy Family School, and I also drove to Whitbourne Elementary. That must be a particularly haunted part of Newfoundland, because the kids were bursting with ghost sightings of their own.

On the pretty drive back home along Trinity Bay I saw an old business sign that gave me pause: “Job’s Insurance.” Hmmm. I wonder.

So now my Ghost Tour is finished for another year. It was a great success: I met lots of kids, sold lots of books, had enormous fun scaring them with my extra-scary Newfoundland ghost stories. I went to places I’d never been before (Paradise, Whitbourne, Mount Carmel) and visited wonderful schools with many ghost-loving students.

Just one more event tonight: the award ceremony for the St. John’s Public Libraries Ghost Story Writing Contest. The Silky is rolling up her sleeves. Rumour has it that the dust at the A.C. Hunter Library is shocking.

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